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:: About Us

The “Vibotorg” exists in the wholesale trade market since 1997. The company has an advanced infrastructure: there are offices & warehouses in Grodno & Minsk and also own 42 shops. The largest European companies (from the Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Holland, etc.) on gathering & processing of textile have been among our partners for many years. Nowadays the “Vibotorg” company holds the leading positions in the market of the second-hand goods in Belarus. An average monthly sale in Belarus is about 150 tons of the second-hand clothes & footwear. Our customers are both small second-hand shops & the owners of networks of specialized shops. An invariably wide range of goods (not less than 80 tons of goods) packed by different weight (from 25 to 160 kilos), flexible pricing policy, conducting of different actions give great opportunities to our customers.

:: About goods

We are interested in your success so we do our best while choosing the goods. We constantly expand our assortment & offer new kinds of goods. The quality of goods & conformity of goods & their prices are under our strict control. All imported goods undergo double sanitation. First they are worked up by special chemicals & than by high-temperature steam. Besides, while importing the wrapping undergoes fumigation. That’s why the second-hand clothes & footwear are safe for consumers. Our company is ready to offer to you the goods at different prices.

:: New Partners

The “Vibotorg” company is ready to cooperate with new providers of the second-hand clothes that can guarantee a high quality of clothes. Our employees are ready to leave to all European countries for meeting with partners & making a contract.

:: Service

A great experience of sale in Belarus makes us aware of situation in Belarusian market of the second-hand clothes. Experienced managers will help you choose & deliver the goods taking into consideration your wishes & specificity of work in different towns. They can also give you advice on sales of goods & organizing of business. You are always welcome on the pages of our website!

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We are waiting for your offers. We buy wholesale the second-hand goods & clothes of all kinds at a high price.

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+375 29 800 59 15

+375 29 800 66 24

Mail address:

Telegrafnaya Str. 22, Grodno, Belarus, 230023

Legal address:

Lenin Str.17, Grodno, Belarus, 230023.

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9-18 (Monday through Friday)

Settlement account in Belvnesheconombank 3012140037001, code 214

Bank address:

Troitskaya Str. 51, Grodno, Belarus

Our team

Victor Lemenovsky External economics links & marketing director: +375 29 650 27 13
Dmitry Lemenovsky +375 29 652 39 75
Valery Vasilevich Director +375 29 663 54 51